karin h. bausenbach, md
march 1, 1953-november 11, 2012

PSU IBNP Program

To honor Dr. Karin's passionate quest to understand how neural decision-making pathways are embedded in the fabric of our lives, the Bausenbach and Hodaie families have established the Karin H. Bausenbach, MD Scholarship in Interpersonal Neurobiology with Portland State University’s IPNB Program. Whether dissecting sheep brains or probing the intricate neuronal networks underpinning self-perception and mental health, Dr. Karin led her IPNB classes on a scientific journey of discovery. This scholarship honors her deep commitment to nurture her students' conceptual understanding of emotional and social intelligence and to promote an adaptive, creative, integrated vision of individual and community relationships.

A dynamic presenter, Dr. Karin left behind a large, enthusianst following in the IPNB program. "Dr. Karin was a exciting and inspiring teacher, driven to ensure that her students really learned about the brain," said IPNB Program Director Marion Sharp. "She quizzed everyone regularly, and students quickly learned to be prepared for this. With every repeated question, we all laid down and reinforced new neural pathways of learning—and we laughed . . . a lot!"

She enriched her classes by drawing in collaborators who emphasized and integrated different aspects and practice implications of neurobiology and IPNB. Her sister-in-law, Dr. Foroogh Hodaie, contributed to the course development and co-taught in the online portion of the class from Canada. Dr. Karin's long-time colleague from her behavioral pediatric practice at the Artz Center, Marsha Graham, added a clinical dimension for the many therapists in the class and led discussions on integrating the pure science aspects of IPNB into practice. Dr. Karin created a perfect example of providing an integrative learning experience far beyond the traditional.

PSU's IPNB Program is taught online and on campus to human services and other professionals interested in the impact of positive relationships on the brain. Scholarship contributions may be made through the PSU Foundation (include Bausenbach Scholarship Pledge in the comment box).